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wbrian .22
Bersa Thunder a good P88 copy?

Many people think the P88 was a masterpiece too expensive to keep producing. The Thunder seems to be a well made albeit inexpensive copy. Are these guns a decent example of the breed? Comments from owners with the real deal are welcome. Thanks.
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lechiffre .22
I do not own a Bersa. I do own a P88 and a P88c. I do not think the P88 is a "masterpiece" beyond the machining, fit and finish, and ascetics (side view only). I have handled the Bersa, it's decent. It feels much more like the P88c.

I don't see any reason why I wouldn't get the Bersa, other than there is so much more out there. If you want the P88c experience without the expense it might be OK. I think I would be just as satisfied with a S&W 5904. Come to think of it the 5904 or the Beretta Centurion or M92 compact would be the next closest things I can think of, and they both come from first rate manufacturers.

If the Bersa had the same control layout as the P88c, and did not have the finger grooves I would feel more confident that it would be an acceptable substitute.

Just to give you a frame of reference, I would not be satisfied with a Bersa .380 PPK/S copy (or even the Smith & Walther version).

If I won the "gun lottery" and had the choice between a P88 or a Bersa + $1200, I would ask if I could have a P88c instead. If not I would take the Bersa and the money.
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I don't own a Bersa, but based on what I've read about them, they're good firearms. Folks who own them tend to swear by them, and most of the negative comments about them seem to come from folks who don't own them and/or make unfair comparisons to significantly more expensive firearms.
Are they equal in quality P88? Doubtfully, but you can't really expect them to be at their significantly lower pricetag. Could they serve as an adequate alternative? Absolutely.

Bersa pistols lack the fit and finish of the more expensive pisols and most certainly aren't made to the same specifications of a Walther P88, but they'll function reliably, they'll get the job done, and they're backed by a lifetime warranty, so even if they don't function 100% reliably out of the box (which is uncommon) or develop issues down the line, you can just send them in for repairs.

So if all you want is an inexpensive P88 lookalike, then I say go for it.
I've entrusted my life to a S&W PPK/S-1, it may not be able to stop the illusive 7ft/300Lbs+ Meth Head wearing 5 layers of denim and wielding a car door as a shield, but I'm fairly certain I can outrun such a beast, especially after dumping 7 rounds of .380 ACP into him.

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if you want a Bersa, buy one. Plenty enough of them around, usually at decent prices, and lots of folks swear by them. If you want a Walther, pay the extra money and get the real thing. The P88C, at least, is certainly worth owning. It's a terrific firearm.
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I was wondering why the Bersa Thunder looked familiar. Hey if you are going to copy someone, copy the best...

I have been thinking of getting the Thunder in 45acp myself.

SIG P250C .45 ACP

SIG SP2022 9MM

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Old 04-22-2016, 10:14 PM   #6
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michael t Unproven
I never considered the Bersa 9mm 40 and 45 a copy of a Walthers. Mainly only Walthers I am close to is my older Ranger PPK/s.
I have owned 2 of the 9mm compact 13 +1 .Accurate and reliable. I gave 1st one to my step son for his carry pistol. Other one now doing guard duty at my Nephew home.
My self I have 2 of the 380 Thunders one bought 2003 other 2011 . People think a clone of the PPK/s . Not even close.
Bersa thicker in back strap .No slap in hand like the PPK/s With hot 380 Iam done at 35 rounds with my PPK/s . Bersa I have gone over 150 .
Bersa wins in take down. Push lever down pull slide to real and lift. Unlike the trigger guard Walthers take down. Bersa slight larger over all .
Real difference is the trigger Bersa DA trigger about 1/2 the weight of the PPK/s SA is also lighter. I wish Walthers could make the PPK/s this good. Easier to rack slide also on Bersa
Accuracy pretty much a toss up at combat distance. PPK/s seems to give little better FPS over Bersa .

Now don't get me wrong I carry my Ranger PPK/s more than my Bersa . Why I can pocket carry it or IWB Bersa only IWB . I ve owned the PPK/s lot longer so I am more attached to it.

Biggest difference is the price Bersa compared to Walthers. Bersa lot less money Not as good of finish. Walthers better fit slide to frame . Which one do I shoot more . The Bersa . I bought to be the understudy to my PPK/s Because of the Walthers hurting my hand so quickly.

Please , I am trying to be as fair as possible . After all I own the largest Bersa Board on net . Have members in many countries . When I bought my 1st bersa No one knew any thing about them on net.. Started the 1st board and word spread .Lots of their junk and other bad talk. People bought and liked we grew and when that board was closed by owner/partner . I wasn't even given notice. So quickly formed Bersachat . It was 5 yrs old on 1 APR. Present showing just little shy of 8000 members growing every day.

Back to the 9mm 40 and 45 9mm has been lowest on warranty 40 not as popular .Most stay with the 9 or 45. I prefer the 9 my self Remember their is also full size of this model also. Since I am more in carry mode I stay with the compact .

Walther or Bersa Only you can decide those things . Each has their good and bad points
Michael T
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Bersa 380
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Old 04-23-2016, 02:44 PM   #7
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I do know that the reviews are very good out there on the Bersa. If it is a good copy, it should be a pretty darn good gun.
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[comment deleted]
"I don't need another 9mm pistol because I've already got a P5." Pilotsteve

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Right --> Left : P226 --> CZ99 --> P88 --> Thunder 9. Top Peek-A-Boo P7M13
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If God hadn't meant us to shoot he wouldn't have given us trigger fingers

Do the interns get Glocks ?

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I have a 1 Bersa Fullsize 9mm and two 9mm compacts. They are most certainly based on the P88. The controls are different though.
I have shot over 5K through the FS, 1K without cleaning as a torture test. The slide hung up once during that 1K and a little nudge sent it into battery.
Both my compacts have over 1k through and one of them is in my carry rotation.
My Bersas also have much better triggers than my P88 and P88C by far.
The trigger on the fullsize has broken in nicely and is the best DA/SA trigger of all my DA pistols and I have quite a few.
I say buy the Bersa, I think you will rather like it.
Formerly "Fenrir Wulff".
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