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wheelieman7771982 .22
Best ammunition

I purchased a Walther P22Q in June. So far, I've just fired Winchester Super X with it. What is the best ammunition for it?
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Welcome Wheelieman, There is a sticky up top regarding opinions on the best ammo for a P22. I can tell you that the pistol likes a snappy round. Two of those are CCI Mini Mags and Remington Golden bullets. A round has to do quite a bit of work to cycle the slide on a P22. Move the slide, cock the hammer, create enough blowback speed to eject the spent case and rebound off the slide stop for successful cycling.

I've fired a lot of em and the only problem I run into is the weaker rounds. Federal, Winchester, and some others. The 5" pistol allows more blowback energy to be developed and act on the parts that must be cycled. Thunderbolts have a history of leading the barrel. That lead is hard to remove also. If you fire them....shoot slowly. The more they heat up the barrel...the more lead is deposited. Plated rounds, brass or copper wash run much cleaner regarding the barrel. Another thing that doesn't bother me is a few duds in every box of 500.

There are high end target rounds that are more consistent than the bulk ammo but you have to be willing to pay $ for those and the P22 isn't really designed as a target grade pistol although the 5" model is very accurate.....except for being light, short sight radius, DA/SA trigger, small grip, tactical sights. Fun gun to shoot and it knows how to eat up your ammo as fast as any other. M1911
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