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PRR1957 .22
P22 slide's black finish wear

I was working on my P22 the other day under a very bright desk lite, and noticed that the black finish on the slide is wearing away on all the edges. I perchesed the gun new back in April of 2016.

I do handle it every day when I go out of my house to move my truck from the street on to the driveway at midnight, and then put under my pillow.(I live to close to the Detroit border.)

I did some web searching and found that the slide is a Zinc alloy called Zamak. There are different grades of this alloy,(Alloy elements are Aluminium, Magnesium, and Copper.) I don't know what grade of Zamak the slide is, and that there are differing types of black oxide finishes available for it.

I just tried using some Birchwood Casey cold bluing paste, which blacked up the worn blacking. This is not the best cold blacking agent, but it still worked.(The best cold blacking is offered by Brownells, Oxpho-Blue)

Has any body else noticed this blacking ware on their P22 slide ?

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PRR, what you are looking at is generally referred to as high edge wear. This is common on many firearms that are actually used, carried, holstered and generally used as intended. It is nothing to worry about. There are several finishes available for the P22 slide and all of them are thin and wear quite easily. Blued steel pistols also begin to show high edge wear when holstered,, stuffed in a pocket, laid on a seat or table top. High edge wear applies to the outer edges of components like safety levers, slide stop releases, the outer front edges of the slide at the muzzle end. Some of us think this actually adds to the looks of the firearm. It shows it is actually used and enjoyed by the owner. Rust is not one of those things anyone enjoys seeing though.

Some of the newer finishes on some of the better pistols appear to be extremely hard and resist wear and rust quite well. Not sure what they are called but a number of manufacturers are using it. It is not traditional blueing. I'm not sure you can properly cold or hot blue cast zinc. M1911
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PRR1957 .22
1917-1911M, I had one of the first gen. P22 that I had handled as much as my current one and its finish didn't ware as much as this one. I have also close to 30 different fire arms over the years, and again I've not seen one's finish ware like this P22.

I used to work for a AR15 manufacturing company that we would get tha barrels in the white, and we would process them with a black finish, and if the barrels weren't soaked long enough, the finish would ware easily. I think that this might be the case with my P22's slide.

Like I stated in first posting, that a cold bluing agents will black it up nicely.

Thanks for the response though.

Good shooting.
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