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Well Umarex specializes in airsoft and BB guns so they might not realize real guns need to be a little bit beefier. Gunpowder is a bit more explosive than co2 I guess? Whoda thunk it.
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And yet, people still buy these pot metal junkers.

I don't get it.
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The P22 is Umarex/Walther's best-selling pistol, and has been for more than a decade. It explains a great deal about both sides of that equation, including the reason why the Umarex crew doesn't seem inclined to do all of the necessary upgrades to make the P22 fully sound.
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It'll probably take a really serious injury and a hefty lawsuit before Walther considers spending any more money upgrading the design. Gun companies are probably like car companies... remember the Pinto papers? In them Ford had calculated that the cost to redesign the Pinto and make it less of a deathtrap would've been more than the likely payouts to the families of accident victims so they let the car be. Changing the slide on the P22 from Zamak to aluminum would be a lot more involved than simply using a different metal. The Zamak slides are die cast, while an aluminum slide would have to be machined from stock. Entirely different manufacturing process.
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What's Umarex?

My P-22 is marked "Carl Walther Ulm/Do Made in Germany" on the left side and "SMITH & WESSON Springfield, MA A0060xx" on the right

Is this Umarex company involved with P-22s made later than mine? I bought it new back in May, 2002 ($199.95). The letter code on the right side of the barrel, visible through the ejection port, is "AC"

It functions perfectly with Winchester, Remington, and Federal hi-speed ammo. However, the two original magazines would not feed when filled with 9 or 10 rounds of ammo; I could only load them with 8 rounds and have them feed the first round into the chamber. I called Walther and they sent me two functional 10 shot magazines at no charge, and never asked for the 8-round original mags back.

Books help get you through the times between gun purchases.

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Milgunsguy, AC equates to a 2002 pistol. That is a fairly early one not that there is any benefit to an early pistol. The original mags didn't have any stagger slots, the rounds didn't stack/stagger properly and this caused feeding issues. You would think testing would have caught that. They were shortly replaced with blued mags that had a 1" stagger slot. Slides have cracked here and there throughout the years. You would have though testing would have caught that. Then there were very common stoppages from the hammer tip catching in the small gap between the rear of the breechblock and safety drum. A gentle shove on the rear of the slide causes the slide to close. Slightly rounding the hammer tip off by an owner cures this....but would think testing would have caught this. Walther did finally redesign the hammer face somewhat in about 2007. That one too can stand a bit of refinement from the owner. The stamped trigger bar ends up with the sharp, sheared edge of the ears facing the underside of the soft zinc slide. Many times this chews up the would think testing would have caught this.....but, somewhere along the beginning of these pistols the trigger bar was mim'd or something and the trigger bar ears were nicely someone knew how to properly design this part and then someone else knew a cheaper way.....the cheaper way is still in use.

Umarex is now the parent company and pistols generally fall into two categories. The Ulm plant pistols are the P99, PPQ and PPS models. The Arnsberg ( Umarex headquarters ) pistols are the P22, PPK/S .22 (cast zinc), CCP, PK 380.....and are the pistols with plenty of threads regarding issues.

S&W was the importer of Walther firearms a few years ago and produced the PPK/S in Maine. Imports and the PPK/S were marked S&W. That partnership has generally ceased ( Umarex currently makes the full size S&W M&P .22 for Smith ) and Walther, er, Umarex has opened a new service and manufacturing (?) plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Some of the newly advertised pistols to be manufactured there have yet to be seen all gets a bit confusing. Anyway, the best Walther products come from Ulm, are generally problem free and cost more than the Arnsberg firearms. I suppose this is Walther's way of having various pistols at all price points to compete with the competition and quality be damned if necessary.

Yes aluminum is a different process but somehow Smith produced the M&P compact .22 for the same price as the P22.....I think they cut corners on the barrels though....broaching cutters of knapped flint aren't all that good. M1911
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Originally Posted by dsk View Post
It'll probably take a really serious injury and a hefty lawsuit
I'm doubtful of even that......probably a really big loss in a lawsuit or a loss in a class action and something might get done. Over the years I've read of too many firearms having serious issues, some injuring owners......and it seems to come down to proving the manufacture was at fault. I bet this is pretty hard to prove. Ammo problems, tinkering with the pistol problem now that it is in 100 pieces, improper maintenance, squib, over pressurized round, set back that the owner didn't notice.....left out the recoil spring on the P22, left the takedown lever down, etc., etc. "Money doesn't talk it swears" and we are talking about a big Corp. here. Nothing like a brother or two starting their own company with the goals of nothing but the finest.....followed by the refinements required of firearms during a major world war.

Times have changed in many ways. M1911
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I bet Crete breaks another slide pretty soon....I can feel it somehow. M1911
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Second round feeding problem

Have shot about 500 rounds through my P22 Walther no feeding problem. Today went to shoot and every second round would not chamber unless manually done. Both mags did same thing only on second round. Gun range attendant said could be ammo. Shot different kinds and same thing. Gun is field strip and cleaned ,lubed up nice. Again only on second round for first time today since had gun. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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If you mean the second round in a fully loaded round then yes...that is the round with the most pressure on it from a stack of rounds and fully compressed magazine spring.....all of which simply means.....that round is the hardest one for the breech face/slide to shove out of the magazine and into the chamber. As the stack goes down spring pressure goes down and the rounds are easier to shove out of the mag. Many times you will read, regardless of caliber, people recommending not fully loading the mag.

I on the other hand expect to be able to chamber a round and still fill the mag with 10 rounds.....or whatever the mag will accommodate. I didn't purchase a 16 round mag to only put 15 rounds in it. But I think what you are experiencing is the relatively weak .22 recoil spring not having enough energy to move that first round out of the mag and jump over the tip on the hammer that want to catch between the rear of the breech block rail and safety drum. 1911
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