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bryman021 .22
NEW P22Q - QAP22003 -pictures

Well I finally got the new P22Q today. It looks great! I think the only changes are cosmetic, but it is a very nice .22LR pistol! I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but here are some pictures for everyone to see.

Here they are:
ImageShack Album - 6 images
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HoughTown .22
I'm not sure if I like it as much as the P22 but it's a pretty cool pistol. Is that grip comfortable?
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1917-1911M .38
Thanks for the pictures bryman.......keep us posted on how it shoots. Looks like they gave you a piece of tape instead of a serial #...... congratulations that is the first BB series posted anywhere. M1911
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bryman021 .22
Originally Posted by HoughTown View Post
I'm not sure if I like it as much as the P22 but it's a pretty cool pistol. Is that grip comfortable?
Yeah I find the grip very comfortable! The balance is real nice too, and it fits my hands perfectly. I can't wait to do some shooting tomorrow.

The serial number starts Z00XXXX.
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cboom .22
So how did shootin go? Does the ears gouging the slide issue get resolved with new model?
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FromThereToHere .22
how is the slide on the P22Q?

Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing a P22Q, in part because I hear that the slide is a little 'grippier', (i.e. easier to get a grip on to slide). I have hand strength issues and always find the slide to be the most difficult part to manipulate in shooting. Right now, I have to wear a leather glove to do so, to get a little more traction.

Bryman, can you tell us?
Also, how was the shooting? Last we heard, you were about to go out for the first time.

Also, wondering where you found yours? I'm in AZ and so far haven't found one to look at/handle.

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gearhead69 .22

Hi everyone. I am new to the site here and just purchased a new P22Q about 2 weeks ago. the weather has not been cooperating for shooting but I was able to get a little in. I bought the P22 for plinking and teaching my 10 year old daughter to shoot. I took her out last weekend between rain showers and was able to get 100 rounds through it. I am shooting CCI mini mags and had no malfunctions. As for the slide, my daughter was able to cycle it no problem. It was her first time shooting and she had a blast to say the least. I am now saving up because she wants a pink one lol. As for isn't a tack driver but does well. If you are an intruder coming into my house and thats whats close at hand, you will have a bad day. Although this isn't my first choice for a defensive weapon....I have a Glock 23 for that, I would not hesitate to grab it in a time of need if required. After firing the 100 rounds, I took it down for cleaning and to inspect the slide. The right side of the slide had very slight signs of rubbing. Nothing I am getting excited about yet. I plan to put a lot more rounds through it this weekend and recheck the slide. But, so far so good. Sorry for the long post
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searcher451 .22
No need to apologize, gearhead; it's an excellent post -- thanks for sharing. It's great that you are introducing your daughter to the joys of proper gun handling and shooting, and it's also great that you were able to find a pistol in the P22Q to help you do that.

Welcome to the forum; enjoy your time here.
Searcher 451

Μολὼν λαβέ
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FromThereToHere .22
Actually, I DID end up buying the P22Q I wanted - bought it just over a week ago. Took it to the range once so far, did about 70 rounds. Used the CCI Velocitor ammo and no problems.

Seemed pretty accurate - I don't have the best hand/eye coordination in the world, but I at least got all the shots SOMEWHERE on the paper of the target, ha ha. And several in the center, enough to feel proud myself.

Keep in mind I'm a very middle-aged lady who NEVER so much as TOUCHED a gun until 2 months ago, although I have played plenty of darts (not sure if that skill crosses over).

I was told to use CCI for the first 500 rounds at least. The gun shop dealer also gave me a 500 rd brick of CCI Mini-Mag with my gun + misc items purchase (like the CCI Velocitors, cleaning kit & extra magazine). And it was my birthday present to myself!

I figure I'll use them up and then I'll see. I'd like to get used to cleaning the gun before I start messing with, well, messy ammo.

The slide is indeed, definitely easier to use on this P22Q than the original P22. The grip doesn't seem any less or more comfortable, but the original was comfortable for me anyway.
I put the smaller..darn, I forget what it's called...the smaller back part on for the grip, as I have tiny hands.

Oh, and the magazine is MUCH MUCH easier to load than on the older P22.
It's SO MUCH easier to slide down the button and keep it in place.
Now, I'm not sure which magazine was in the P22 I had rented at the range - I know there's been several modifications, so maybe it was one of the older ones.
I do wish the magazines were a bit cheaper, but at least this is easy to reload.
It IS a little tricky to get the slide back on with that spring, but I'm going to practice on that. One of those times I wish I had 3 hands.

I wouldn't want a pink P22Q, but gee I wish they made a PURPLE one! <smile>.
I saw, I forget what gun it was, but another .22 there (or maybe a 9mm?) at the gun shop with a purple grip.
Or possibly the anthracite one? The dealer told me so far he's only seen the 22Q in black (which I bought) and the solid military green, which he also had.

Anyway, so far I find it really easy to use. I didn't see any signs of rubbing, but then this is my first gun. Is it just to the finish? And where exactly? Maybe you could post a picture, gearhead?

Keeping in mind I primarily bought this gun for fun (the ranges, both indoor & outdoor, and plinking), I am VERY happy with my purchase so far.
I really doubt I'd keep a loaded one in my bedside table. But if I DID, I would think that a full magazine into a guy's nether parts would hurt.
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blue ridge reef .22
The slide wear will occur on the underside of the slide. Instead of posting pictures, here's a link to the P22 bible. The author is on this forum from time to time. You may not be comfortable doing these mods if you get excessive wear, but I bet you can find someone who will.
As for the P22Q, I can't imagine an easier gun to load than a P22 as it is, so I'm guessing you might have rented a beater. And if they market the P22Q anything like they did the original, expect a lot of options for grip color!
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