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Originally Posted by Firewire View Post
I thought I'd try the Fed 550 bulk and consistent problems. Finished off the box after a couple of range trips. Just grinned and beared it.
You're more patient than my girl and I are, Firewire. We had nothing but trouble with the Federal 550 bulk and gave up after about 75 rounds. She had failures-to-feed in every magazine because the little lip those rounds have around the bullet would catch on the sides of the chamber on the way in. They were also very inconsistent when they did fire, and were absolutely filthy. There would be a big brown puff of stinky smoke and residue all over (and inside) her P22 after shooting them.

We thought it was just new-Walther break in trouble, but the problems never went away. So we just gave the rest of the box to a couple of guys at the range who had a Ruger MKII. That gun really will eat anything. I know because I bought one a while ago and it's my range gun, as well as the perfect zombie gun. I've shot 50 year old cartridges through it that were corroded and flaky with age and it sent them on their ways with no problems.

I'll try some mini-mags for her P22 if I can find any around here. I've yet to find any, but at least I can get the Stingers. They're expensive compared to bulk but they're worth it. Powerful, accurate, clean, and reliable. Did I mention the muzzle flash? That makes them worth the cost even more!

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Whatever works best for you is the best ammo for your P22. I''ve fired a lot of a number of em. My 2 cents, Stingers are too powerful although that is what Walther tests the pistol to 20K rounds with. They cost too much also. Federal bulk is marginal regarding enough power to cycle the slide. Remington GB 36 gr is the best bulk in my opinion. Target ammunition is expensive but more accurate if you just gotta get into a shooting match. M1911

Federal bulk

Remington bulk

And, I sometimes shoot a lot at one sitting and with no cleaning either. A number of times I've tested P22s that I have modded and continuously fired over 2,000 rounds with no further maintenance to the pistol and with no gun failure during the shooting. Dud rounds don't count against the pistol. Failure to eject, failure to close the slide, etc. do. I use Remoil for lubricant, blow off all excess and rub dry powdered moly on wear points. M1911
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Originally Posted by Pilotsteve View Post
Good shooting. Now my question: did you eat him too? I would never shoot an animal unless:

A) I intend to eat it.

B) It's a mean dog or other animal who intends to eat me.

C) It's vermin who is doing destructive damage to my house/trashcan/garden.

Not to sound like a hillbilly, but squirrel is quite delicious although the small amount of meat makes taking several home necessary. I could share a wonderful recipe if anyone were interested.

I'm GAME to your squirrel recipe if you will.
Always like to try some thing new.

Thank much! Tool.
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Firewire .22
Ill have to give the 36 Grain Remington bulk a try. Thanks for the info!

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Thumbs up CCI Standard Velocity

My P22 5" bbl likes CCI Standard Velocity. The price won't break the bank and it is clean. Another advantage is that it is so widely available that I hardly need to swap ammo brands and for more than a year now CCI SV is my fave LR fodder.
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GaleForce .22
Does anyone have any experience using the 525 Federal Champion bulk (blue and black box)?
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Originally Posted by GaleForce View Post
Does anyone have any experience using the 525 Federal Champion bulk (blue and black box)?

look 4 posts up. looks like plenty of those boxes in the picture.

i've been using the federal value packs with pretty good success. a few ftfire's here and there and an occasional ftfeed. palming the slide shut is almost instinctual from using the remmy bulks so no love lost for the fed bulks LOL.

as per every one else's findings, mini-mags run flawlessly in my 5" p22 and my wife's 3.4" p22.
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Old 03-05-2011, 11:57 AM   #28
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I bought my P22 last year around this time. I bought it because I liked the way it felt, and without knowing anything about the reported issues with it. I visited the forum here and the more I read, the more "buyer's remorse" I had. However, I downloaded the "bible", did the recommended mods, all before shooting it. Mine has worked perfectly with any ammo that I've tried. I did not try stingers, at the time they weren't to be had around here, and to date I haven't tried them. But everything else, Federals, Winchester, CCI minimags, all worked great. However, as odd as it may sound, the ammo that I keep it loaded with and shoot the most of is the Aquila 60 grain "snipers". They function perfectly, not much noise, and hit pretty hard. My second most shot ammo are CCI minimags, but I keep coming back to the snipers.
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P22 ammo

The only ammo of those that I have tested that my P22 will shoot reliably is Stingers. It is an early one, and went right back to Smith after 500 rounds or so. They replaced both mags but did nothing else. Still will only shoot Stingers.

Great fun to shoot, though, isn't it?
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Well we learned what to use and what not to use with my P22 today. I have been using CCI Stinger and have had absolutely no problems at all. Feeds well, no problems.

My husband decided he was going to take my P22 out back and give it a run while I was busy. He apparently used up the last of my CCI, and recalled he had some Winchester SuperX got his 22 rifle. So he ran in and grabbed that to run through. It failed in epic fashion. Failure to feed, failure to eject, and what ended the day was one of them got STUCK in the gun because the casing split open and it jammed IN the barrel.

This is what they look like:

This is the one that split and jammed:

Another shot of the one that jammed, you can see where the pin hit it and it just failed badly:

My husband got it out and got the gun cleaned up but I am less than thrilled. I have a new rule in the house, nothing but CCI for the P22.
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