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it is situational here in the US.

if someone is 100ft away from you pointing a gun at you ready to shoot, you can stop them.
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Yes , self defense practice. I belong to 3 different ranges. 1 is long distance , 1,000 yards. They have pistol as well. All static ranges. No tactical fire or setups.
The other one is a local range that allows you to setup CQC senarios and draw from the holster. I have all my own setups for there. The best range is one that is setup complete for tactical shooting. They hold IPSC and IDPA matches every week as well as 3 gun and western shoots .
All the stages are there for your use and you can change them around as long as there is no matches setup.
Great place to hone the self defense skills. I shoot the IDPA occasionaly but concentrate on drawing my weapon exactly like I carry.
These are in SW Florida. I only knew of 1 of these ranges when I moved here. Lucky I have them all close to me. Air soft blowback is the next best training . It can be used in the backyard or in the house.

Most of my practice is 2 feet to 25 feet. I would look for cover at all times when being fired upon. Start shooting , putting in good accurate shots and moving diagonaly backwards towards cover if available.
Most confortations come at close range. 3 to 15 feet but an attack can happen at any distance.

TANFOGLIO: My friend is here from Birresborn Germany. Anywhere close to you.??
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Originally Posted by REDFISH View Post
.....TANFOGLIO: My friend is here from Birresborn Germany. Anywhere close to you.??
Yes your friend is 110 Km from me
It is better to have a PPK and not need it than to need a PPK and not have it
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