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.30-06, .270, 7mm magnum, .300 Win or Wby Magnum Comparisons

I think in the .30s the Win has it. I see sales for .300 Magnum favor the Win Magnum and I understand.

The .300 Weatherby Magnum is more powerful agreed. Just as accurate too. But the power of a .30 can only go so far to equalize accuracy and power. A .30 cal is basically limited to a .300 Win Mag in practicality in my mind. Yes you can go to overbore in .300 to burn out a barrel and replace it as swiftly as you can because you are able to do so but in .30 Magnum the Winchester is just below the peak without all the barrel burning and unnecessary foot pounds anyway.

I was, two or five years ago, shooting a .300 Wby with a scope and that scope made a scratch on my forehead my wife saw after shooting it. It was another situation where optics without proper eye relief belted me on the eyebrow or fore head (and I am sick and tired of this sort of thing from all scopes and rifle manufacturers who think just sell and forget about the guy behind the scope and rifle) to make me look stupid.

I didn't care about the recoil I cared about precision and used the scope to the relief on the .300 to make sure the rifle was shooting properly. It was. It was a MK V Custom Weatherby. The scope did not have enough eye relief for the recoil on the .300 (Leupold) and I just ended up getting bloodied by the slam to my eyebrow. When will scopes that are true and reliable ones here in the USA finally get an act together to deal with recoil beyond a simple .300 Magnum? They won't. They don't care. They know nobody over here in the Americas would even shoot for accuracy with their scope and if it breaks in the process they'd just send or replace and you are back to it with the scope trying to get precision out of a hard recoiling rifle that most shy away from in the first place.

Okay so I sold that MK V Custom Deluxe not really caring about the scope with the short eye relief (Leupold of all things!) and went to the .460 Wby with muzzle brake and I attached a Leupold 1.5-5X VAR XIII on it. It's the Leupold variable that goes from 1.5 to 5X with specs actually not quite the range but the optics and the company over here in the USA is really top line and I won't dispute it. I shot the .460 Wby and it actually had less recoil than a .458 Win in Ruger No. 1 and the rifle was a dream except for the fact it couldn't feed reliably and so I sold the thing that was around 2K after use (and took off the Leupold 1.5-5X with the mounts) to a dealer who tried to say to me it was less in value because I shot it but that is another story because shooting a gun is absolutely necessary to value. If it does not fire or cycle ammunition properly whether NIB or used it is junk to be avoided.

Over here in the USA we like our .30s. In South America (Central is just central to us) the .30 is fine in .30-06. So are the 7mm and .277s flocking around and under unless the .300 Mag is better for somebody.

Well. To me a .22 Hornet is enough to kill but it is a varmint rifle and when I had to deal with varmints (coyotes) I started with a .22 LR 1906 Win and went .22 Mag 9422 for under 200 yards then the 6mm Remington for over 200 yards that I reloaded for in 1973. End of the varmint problem there.

Caliber is not the end. A Hornet can do the job easily out to 200 yards. A .30-06 can do the job out to 600 yards. So can a .308. Okay. So can a .270 or 7mm Magnum or 7X57 or some other around the area.

I like the .30 in the .30-06 and in the .308 and in the .30 M1 Carbine and even the 7.62 x 39:

I would rather have this for war but the .30 in our area is just fine. It can be a second rifle to a .458 or .416 over there for a two rifle battery.

In a One Rifle Battery only the .375HH fits the bill for me and only me.
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The 300 Winchester Magnum is the most versatile 30 cal mag of the lot. You can shoot fast 165 gr bullets or the 220 gr match kings if your barrel has a fast enough rate of twist. I train guys to shoot 190 gr bullets @ 1,800 yards. That requires 83 min. of come up in your scope. You can approach 300 RUM velocities and can get close to the barrel burning 300 Weatherby round. Ammunition is available anywhere they sell ammo. And a box of match grade costs around $40.00 compared to almost twice the cost of the Weatherby. The 300 WSM are a good performer BUT if you have it in a short action, most have feed problems. On a long action, they feed better. BUT you cannot seat the bullets out far enough to make them a good shooter due to magazine length (short action guns). I would not own one. The 300 WM can do everything that all the others can, only better at a better cost. You aren't going to miss a few hundred FPS by shooting one.
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