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Not much of a knife guy but this is the one I have as the "last resort" SD weapon: Recon Tanto - Cold Steel Knives

Stupid sharp, non-reflective, fits the hand well and feels right as a substitute in the hand-to-hand training I got in the military so many decades ago.
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I'm not much for the Bowies and large blade combat knives. I like the puukko becasue it is easy to conceal and I don't have to worry about opening it. It's always ready for use. Yes, most of the sheaths that come with them are difficult to draw the knife out from. I did find one knife-sheath combination that works very well. It's called a "Roselli Hunter". Kinda funny becasue Roselli sounds Italian.
Very sharp and the sheath doesn't hold the knife like a vice. Here's a pic:

"The Roselli Hunter is stout all-around hunting and wilderness knife. The blade is about 3 3/4" long and about 1/8" thick. The generous handle is about 4 3/4" long. In UHC steel"

It cost me $135, which isn't cheap, but I think it was worth it. Yes, I know the puukko was mainly made as a "utility knife" and for stuff like whittling or carving. But it makes an excellent "slasher" with that super-sharp blade, and the point makes for easy insertion in a "stab-and-slice" movement.
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Well yeah, Bowies aren't really concealed carry knives.

Any knife with a sharp edge and a pointy tip can be used for self-defense. (And that Roselli does have a much more suitable grip shape for defensive use than most traditional puukko's.) From what I've seen, it's usually the sheath that is the weak link of any knife, if intended for defensive use.
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