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Punch .22
Originally Posted by R_che View Post
What's the forum's opinion on a 1994 P1 sn 425xxx....?
Fat slide not matching sn #, with hex pin and a Bw rework mark, one magazine....?
Plus a decent condition (full top)flap black leather side holster....
Priced under $400
It would already be in my hands . . .
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R_che .22
Agreed Punch.

It is now in my safe, along side with its other Walther brethren.

As it turned out the P1 had all matching sn#'s...the seller did not know the markings very well and reported it as not matching...I guess he was confused by the various markings and dating on the slide, etc....

My early Caveat Emptor concerns...actually turned into my win! The seller dropped the price a bit more!!!

After a good cleaning and lubing of the weapon and particularly the magazine (thanks to Milspec's excellent instructions)...the few magazine jam/FTF issues with the P1 that I initial encountered are gone. I have since obtained an additional used P38 magazine from "Keep Shooting"...for 12.95 and it, and the original magazine now both function fine.

I have put several hundred rounds through the P1 now and my high level accuracy expectations for this Walther model were not disappointed !!

I join with the others here on the Forum...and I find this to be a great Walter model...right up there with my accuracy love affair with my favorite Walther my .380 PPK/S.

The Walther P1 is now the first 9mm to come out of my safe and go with me to the range...and the accuracy and handling results are fantastic.

I am smitten with Walter's...and I do have room in my safe....next one...?
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tor44 .22
I was at a gun shop the other day and they had three P1's in the used section, two were early 60's production so I would expect that there would be no hex pin but also one from 1981, wasn't there some sort of standardization that required them to all have a hex pin or was it by facility?
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I do not believe that there was any such requirement. The purpose of the hex pin was simply to reduce the rate of wear. Frames without hex pins were not replaced unless and until they wore out.

The 1981 date you saw on one gun is perhaps not a year of manufacture. If it's on the frame, it's likely a rebuild date. If it's on the slide it's only the date the slide was made; the slide may or may not be the original. Photos of the markings are needed to say for sure.

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tor44 .22
Thanks for answering that part about re-servicing, the numbers on the frame and slide and barrel assembly were all matching and the date was on the slide not the frame (a mistake on my part), photos though I'll have a couple ready next week. Like I said I just found it odd how it didn't have the hex for being so late in production but if anyone sees someone I don't I'd really appreciate the insight and other than that it was in quite good shape.
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