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I successfully changed the springs on my WW2 P38. Look at Tanfo's video and maintain control of the spring and all will be fine.

I took one out & measured it and it was within spec, but looked a little worn, the sides of the spring were flat spotted. Replaced and ordered 2 more sets of springs for my other P's. Can't hurt to have on hand.

By the way the link above is the wrong one.
TANFO's excellent spring replacement video at: P5 Spring Video
(This is a P5 but P38 recoil springs go in the same way).

This guy's a master, be VERY careful, he makes it look easier than your first time, but it's not brain surgery. Be careful and be patient, and use the recommended procedures.
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AC44 P.38 Reblue slide (Greatest Generation capture)
AC44 P.38 Original 98% (Greatest Generation capture)
BYF44 P.38 Original 98% (Greatest Generation capture)
Walther P1 Interarms Commercial 1969 (Peace, Love, Nines)
Walther P.38 1959 Postwar Cold Warrior

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Good information, all!

I've not tried to fool with those on my P-38s but I do oil them and wipe off the excess oil that starts to drip out if I use too much. Reminds me of a Thompson 1927, those dual recoil springs, the same idea is inside the Thompson for recoil.
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Grease the slide, oil what rotates. Wipe it down and go.
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I recently stumbled over a Walther blueprint of the recoil spring. It is dated 1971. Since it differs slightly from the dimensions I provided above by actually measuring a bunch of springs I had on hand, I have added here the factory specifications from the drawing. Note that these specifications are for a brand-new spring, before it has taken any "set" from installation or use. It is referenced as Part No. 2211670.

OAL at rest; 126.2mm
OD: 5.4mm (-0.2mm)
Wire diameter: 0.6mm
No. of coils: 43-1/2 (42 active + 3/4 +3/4)
Both ends closed and ground.

Calculated rate: 28.9 p/mm


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Also, if you use a 22LR conversion kit, it relies only on the right recoil spring. So IF you shoot a lot with it, you might want to periodically swap springs to balance out the wear.
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Mike ,

My newly acquired P.38 passed the spring coil count and compression tests. I am good to go , and thanks for the definitive info. 'Ski
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I recently bought a French P.38 that I suspected the springs were weak on and both wanted to clean the spring channels and replace the springs before I shot it.

Thanks to MGMike's post about checking spring compression (yep, they needed replacing) and how to ease the spring in place and the liked video on removing the springs it went fine with the standard weight springs I ordered from Wolff.

I took it down to my range and ran four mags of 124gr through it and it ran fine. No issues.

Thanks for the info.
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