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Wogdog2 .22
Wather Creed is locking up

My Creed is jamming every 5-6 rounds. It will feed just fine, then the slide will lock up, won't go all the way back. I have tried different brands of ammunition, but it keeps doing it. When it jams, it feeds a live round but will not rack all the way back, then the slide gets stuck. I have had to get assistance from the range personnel to clear. Once we get the slide to rack all the way back, the live round stuck in battery will fire and the slide locks back normally. Could this be caused by a bent guide rod assembly? Or is there else wrong with the gun?
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WaterDR .22
Are you an experienced shooter?

Make sure you are not riding the slide. Also, clean it and make sure it's properly lubed.
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I'd pull out the barrel and make sure you don't have a bulge in it. I would think it would do it every-time if it was a bulge, but who knows. It would be worth the 30 seconds it takes to rule that out.
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Limp wristing is also a possibility. Have someone else that shoots autos regularly try to recreate your problem. If they don't have the problem with their weapon(s) and do eith the Creed this points to the Creed being at fault. If they do not, it points to you needing to reconfigure your grip and shooting process. Also, clean and lube the magazine - many FTF issues are magazine driven.
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