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bakersfieldkelley .22
Walther Mod.P.38

Looking at an end-of-war Mod. P.38. What are the pitfalls?
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For a collection, or shooting? In 1945 there were three manufacturers in Germany, and all had their own code. Walther (ac), Mauser (byf) and Spreewerke (cyq).

Things I look for. Makers mark, see above. Matching serial numbers, you need to know where to look. The locations are standardized, but you need to manipulate the slide, and maybe disassemble to observe all. Proper waffenampts. These are acceptance stamps. You should know where to look and be able to correlate waffenampt number with the proper producer of that component. Original finish and grips? Bore condition? Locking block condition, slide condition and ensure proper components for that manufacturer and date. You will pay extra for a dual tone. Generally, late model P.38's are in better condition than those that served during the war. This is a generalization of course.
If you buy one for shooting, never use anything but standard 9mm loads. No +p or hot loads.

This is what I do as a start. But I collect, if you just want a shooter, you might not be so particular.

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Milspec .38
Can you post a few photos?
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bakersfieldkelley .22
I do not have the gun yet so no pics. This is a Walther Mod.P.38/HP but with the P.38 markings. It is very late 257XX. It has commercial proofs. perfect bore. Typical rough end-of-war finish. My main concern is the potential for a hodge-podge of parts. Should I expect a SN on the barrel and locking block? (this gun is 2000 miles from where I at or I'd just take it apart). Marschall's book suggests there is no # on the slide. True? The seller is a very reliable guy and I have bought many guns from him and no problem. I just want to take advantage of any particular issues that may not be apparent except to the experts. This is for a collection, not shooting.
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