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Walther Model 9 Officers Pistol

I would like to know the value of these 2 pistols:

Walther Model 9 Officers Pistol with Ivory Grips, engraved, Pre 1939 #634728

Walther Model PPK RZM double action 7.65 cal. (32) ACP, nickel plated pistol w/white grips, Pre 1938 #832725

Thank You for any information!
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It will be tough to get a true value on your pistols for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that you'd don't often see them offered for sale. Still, you might want to spend some time here:

'What should I pay for it?' and 'How much is this worth' questions? Start here

I'd also urge you to post some detailed photos of what you have so that the experts here can get a look. Condition and mechanical soundness are everything. This ...


... should help with photos.
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Without several pictures it is impossible to tell you much about your Walther pistols. With regard to the Walther Model 9 I can offer this information: There is no such thing as an "Officers Model". Lots of Officers owned and carried Model 9 pistols but these guns were all private purchase weapons. Walther offered a Model 9b pistol which had acid etched "engraving" along the slide and upgraded grip retainers. Model 9b pistols were only slightly more expensive then the standard Model 9. Truly engraved Walther pistols were special order items available to anyone willing to spend the extra money. These "Deluxe" or "Fancy" pistols were offered throughout Model 9 production from 1921 until 1939. Serial Number 634728 was manufactured in the early 1930's, before 1933.

If the pistol is a Model 9b and the grips are original WALTHER ivory grips then the pistol could be worth perhaps $1,000 to $1,500. Maybe a little more. If the grips are not original Walther grips the the pistol is probably worth $500 +/-

If it has original WALTHER ivory grips and it is WALTHER factory engraving it could sell in today's market for $2,500 to $5,000.

If the engraving is not original, but added some time after the gun left the factory then the value varies greatly. Again, without pictures it is impossible to tell much.

As for the ppk I have to defer to others more knowledgeable then I. There are lots of faked guns out there and without pictures it is impossible to tell much.

I hope that this information helps.

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