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Model 8 value

I have an acquaintance who has a Walther Model 8 (serial number is 391555) given to him brother by his brother, who acquired it from a deceased German officer during the Battle of the Bulge. The firearm is in good/very good condition with very little exterior wear and has the original officer's holster complete with a (factory-marked) spare magazine in attached pouch. The gun appears mechanically sound, although there may be some pitting in the barrel and the extractor may need work (I have not fired it, only looked at it). The fellow is looking to sell the pistol, but I haven't a clue as to what it may be worth. Can anyone help with this topic. Thanks
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Hi, WW40, and welcome to the forum; we trust that you'll enjoy your time here.

The Model 8 is a common Walther variety found in great numbers in the USA, which doesn't do much to help its value. Depending on condition, you'll see them sell for as little as $175 to upwards of $550, sometimes a bit more. If the gun you are interested in has a verifiable story, as in Capture Papers that returned from overseas with the soldier who brought it home, then that could add as much as $200 to the overall price. If the veteran who brought it back wrote a description of its capture, and if that description also were included with the gun, that would add to the value as well. A matching period holster could add another $150 or so, again depending on its condition.

Capture Papers and companion pieces, by the way, are easy to forge these days; sad to say that some unscrupulous sellers engage in this practice. But if this gun has been in the family or with people you have known through the years, that's not likely to be the case here.

You might want to go to a site like GunsAmerica or GunBroker, check out the available Model 8s for sale, and see if you can find one that matches the overall condition of the piece in question. That would help you establish a specific price.

It's absolutely amazing, by the way, that all of the WWII guns we see for sale here, 100% of the time, were taken from the dead bodies of German officers during the war; these guns apparently were only carried by officers, and those officers always were killed. Put another way: Keep in mind that you buy the gun, not the story that's attached to it ... uness, of course, you can verify the story.

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck.
Searcher 451

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Thank you

Searcher 451, thanks for the reply. I've been careful to tell my acquaintance not to get his hopes up regarding the value of this piece and this helps a lot. Sadly, there are no capture papers in this case and the person who came home from the war with it has passed away, so there's only a verbal history. Although interesting, it's not the sort of thing that stands up in court. Thanks again for your trouble.
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