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norbit .22
CCP for sale on CDNN


Own a couple of Walthers . I got e mail today from CDNN and they are listing both black and stainless slide CCP's for sale.

I remember when they did that a couple of years ago as Walther decided not to push the PPX.

Does this mean Walther is considering pulling back on the CCP???

I was considering it for concealed carry
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CDNN handles discontinued models, yes. But they also handle distributor overstock, LGS out of business stock, and other liquidation issues. The CCP is a lemon by most accounts and it would not surprise me if it were discontinued.
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I just purchased my second CCP this one in stainless from CDNN. The serial number almost 53,000 for my gun. I paid $389.99 plus $19 for shipping. As for comment that the CCP is being discontinued, I don't see it. The CCP's are selling well and are tough to find. When my gun arrived at my dealer, he stated that when it came in they were surprised because they have been looking everywhere for a stainless CCP. I advised him CDNN has 23 more or them along with black models. He is going to let that person know where to buy one. I really don't see Walther pulling the model but possibly coming out with a CCP-2 version which is possible. Time will tell but I have to say they are not lemons by no means. You want a lemon gun try shooting my Remington R51, lord help me with that thing. Went back to factory for repairs and it's the most unreliable gun I ever owned. The CCP is head and shoulders more reliable. I like the CCP regardless of what the bad mouther's,who never owned one have to say.
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I looked at the firearms for sale and on sale at CDNN and just about every firearm from every manufacturer is listed including a number of Walther firearms. So why would anyone think a firearm listed for sale there would be of any significance? I guess I miss the point. 1917
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chandler5566 .22
Looked at all the pistols in the gun shop yesterday and they had 4-5 CCP's including 1 stainless. Pricing was "normal" for them, which is higher than anyone else, but I can't imagine they would increase on-hand inventory if there was any indication or rumor that the CCP was slowing down. They rely on the online store for inventory backup and that's where I would anticipate seeing the CCP if there was any concern....not in the gun case.
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